Paris (Web Desk): A man has been arrested after trying to ram a car into a crowd outside a mosque in a suburb of Paris .

According to details, no one was injured in the incident on Thursday evening in the Créteil neighbourhood, in the south-east of the French capital.

The vehicle struck barriers put in place to protect worshippers and pedestrians.

 “The suspect repeatedly struck the blocks and barriers placed to protect the mosque ,” a police statement said.

The reason for the driver's actions is unclear although international media source claimed the suspect, reportedly of Armenian origin, wanted to “avenge the Bataclan and Champs-Elysees” attacks.

The suspect showed no signs of being drunk or high on drugs, the source said. 

The incident happened as French religious sites and other public places remain under high security after a string of Islamist attacks. 

A van was driven into worshippers near to the Finsbury Park Mosque in north London, earlier in June.