Surprising WhatsApp feature allows to unsend your message

Surprising WhatsApp feature allows to unsend your message

California (Web Desk): The admired messaging platform was earlier rumoured to be working on an ‘unsend’ option and it has now released the feature on a new beta version of the app.

According to details, WhatsApp has started testing one of the most eagerly awaited features on its app.

The feature will give users the option to delete messages they have already sent. However, users will have a five minute window to revoke sent messages after which the option will not be available.

Further, WhatsApp is also testing a new shortcut feature for formatting text. At this time users are required to add certain symbols before and after text to change formats which can be quite hectic.

The new formatting shortcut will display the full range of formatting options when a user selects an excerpt of text with a tap and hold option. The app will also add a new monospace format in addition to the current three.

However, both the features are still in their testing phase and may or may not be rolled out depending on feedback from beta users.