Islamabad (Staff Report): Pakistan Day parade 's full dress rehearsal will take place in Islamabad today (Tuesday).
The City Traffic police Islamabad and Rawalpindi released a comprehensive traffic plan for the full dress rehearsal .
Roads will be closed to the public in vicinities including Faisal Avenue, Zero Point, Faizabad, and Parade Avenue.
According to source, mobile services will remain blocked from 5 AM till 1 PM, within a 10 KM radius of the Parade Avenue. Moreover, Faizabad will remain completely closed from 5 AM to 2 PM. Traffic enroute to Islamabad from Koral Chowk Interchange will be diverted to Link Road.
The traffic police will stop traffic from Abbottabad at Barian. Traffic coming from Murree will be stopped at 17 mile Toll Plaza.
Traffic from Rawalpindi to Islamabad will enter the city from Shamsabad double road. Traffic moving from Islamabad to Rawalpindi will be diverted to IJP road toward Katarian and Pindora Chowk to move from Park Road to Rawal Dam Chowk and Murree Road.
Traffic moving from airport to Islamabad will use Khanna Pull, Lehtarar Road, and Taramirri Chowk to move to Park Road.