Watch: Kangaroo ‘punches’ boy in the face

Watch: Kangaroo ‘punches’ boy in the face

Melbourne, Australia (Web Desk): A hilarious video of a boy being punched in the face by a kangaroo went viral.

The video was filmed by the boy’s mother at a wildlife park in in the Glen Waverley area of Melbourne, Australia when he tries to feed a kangaroo.

It shows the hesitant boy approaching the country’s iconic animal under the supervision of his dad.

The man encourages him: “Walk straight at it, just walk straight at it.”

As he gets closer an emu comes from behind the kangaroo and walks between the animal and the boy.

As it does so it appears to headbutt or graze the kangaroo which then fires a stiff left jab that lands on the oncoming child’s face.

A small scream from someone watching the incident can be heard on the recording before a brief family inquiry into what happened.

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