Society for Sustainable Social Solution arranges seminar

Society for Sustainable Social Solution arranges seminar
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Lahore: Society for Sustainable Social Solution has arranged “Youth Seminar 2021;“A Step Towards Future” and co-ordinated by Mr. Abial Zafar. The theme of the seminar was promotion of education and career counseling. Mr. Zafar Anwar, Director SSSS, Mr. Danish Masih (Educationsit) and Mr. AzzikFiaz (Lawyer) were the speakers of the seminar and about 50 young people attended this seminar.

The speakers shared that youth students tend to face a number of difficulties while choosing a career path. That is largely because of the lack of availability of career counselors in their communities, institutes, schools and colleges. They stressed that career counseling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. Career development is more than just deciding on a major and what job you want to get when you graduate.

Director SSSS Mr. Zafar Anwar said that through this seminar we wanted to sensitize and motivate parents to give education to their children because with education we can make progress in our lives. He further said that Society for Sustainable Social Solution provide scholarships and pay school fees of the deserving and poor families because we want to see youth to be successful in their lives. 

Mr.Azzik Fiaz (Lawyer)said that the soul reason of backwardness of developing countries including Pakistan lies in the negligence of educational sector. The education in Pakistan is not receiving enough attention on government side. That is why educational system is largely unsatisfactory in our country. In fact, low Literacy rate coupled with dropouts, ghost teachers and dearth of basic amenities portray bleak picture of educational system. Our youth’s education condition is more vulnerable. Their future is at risk. 

Mr. Danish Masih (Educationist) said that career counseling is a life time process. Mainly it can be divided into the stages like, a pre-school stage, secondary school stage, post-secondary stage, professional study stage, and professional stage. Pakistan is one of the countries having lowest literacy rate and keeping this in view, SSSS has felt to organize an event to uplift and motivate the educational spirit and passion.