FB decides to revive "Poke" feature

FB decides to revive

California, United States (Web Desk): Facebook, the social media giant, has decided to give it a more visible placement to infamous “Poke” feature.

Although Facebook never discontinued or removed the Poke option, it had lost its worth with the passage of time and introduction of several other fascinating updates. People used to poke one another to gain attention and it didn’t even require sending written messages.

TechCrunch report claimed that the Poke feature may even be expanded or updated by adding more options in it. The Poke could now be coupled with a hug, wink, wave or even high-five. Poke button is likely to be given a visible spot on the Facebook profiles so that users can engage further through the feature with their friends, families and other special persons.

According to the social media platform itself, Poke was created as they “thought it would be cool to have a feature without any specific purpose” and it was acknowledged that “(different) people interpret the poke in many different ways”, encouraging people to come up with their own meaning of the Poke.

In the mobile app, Facebook Poke button is currently inside the more options. It is likely to be moved beside Message button where it will be more visible and prominent. The move could make way for the accidental poke or creepy flirting all over again.